Frequently asked questions

How long does the service take?

Once the item is with us in our workshop we aim to complete the work and be ready for return within 24 hours.
Our courier service from collection to return is usually between 3-5 working days.

Do you sharpen hairdressing clipper blades?
Yes we can sharpen hairdressing clippers. However, it is or opinion that these type of blades generally last a long time and once sharpened will blunt more rapidly than from new and temperamental to sharpen . Therefore it is uneconomical to sharpen and a new set is recommended.
Can I trust you with my expensive scissors?
Yes, we understand how important your scissors are. They are your livelihood. We are aware that some customers have had had scissors sharpened badly and they have been ruined. Together with our expertise we use high end specialist machinery dedicated for purpose.
My scissors have a missing part?
Yes, we have a large stock of components and can source any we may not have in stock.
I’ve dropped my scissors and the tips have bent, can you help?
Yes, we can re tip your scissors removing the least amount of metal possible so they function correctly again.
Can I sharpen my scissors myself?
No, there’s a lot of false information on the internet. It is a technically skilled and precise process needing specialist skills and equipment.
Would you travel to us?
We would consider coming to you if you are within Andalucía. A minimum charge would apply. Contact us for details.
Do you sharpen thinning scissors?
Yes, great care must be taken with these and we have dedicated machinery and the expertise needed.
Can I bring my items directly to your workshop?
You are welcome! You can visit our workshop or we can sharpen your items whilst you visit beautiful Nerja.
Why won’t my newly sharpened clipper blades cut properly?
If the blades are sharp and tested it’s likely the machine itself needs attention .
Do you service clippers?
Yes, contact us for more information
Do you sharpen curved scissors?
Yes, we have dedicated machinery for this and the expertise needed.
Can you re heel my knife?
Yes the need for re heeling occurs when the knife has been sharpened using a steel or a diy sharpener. This does depend on the type of knife handle
Can you fix a “nick” “broken tip” out of my knife?
Yes, we can reshape the blade to remove the damage
Can you sharpen a serrated bread knife?
Yes, but sometimes non economical
What insurance do you offer?
The issue of insurance is optional, it means that if your merchandise has a high value, for example, more than € 100 you can take out separate insurance, which will depend on the value that we put on the merchandise, and it is a 1.25% plus VAT, Example: from € 100 to € 200 the cost of insurance is € 4.75 plus VAT. For lower value merchandise, I do not recommend such insurance as it does not compensate, and our service is quite efficient and reliable with regard to safety.
How do I know when my scissors need sharpening?
You can tell if your scissors need sharpening if the hair is pulling, not slicing or cutting, Folding hair at tips will not balance You hear a crunching noise If you’re blunt or straight cutting you’re finding that hair is pushing away A simple test is to cut a single ply damp tissue and see if you get a clean cut from base to tip without snagging.
How often do my scissors need sharpening?
We recommend having your scissor sharpened every 6-8 months if you use them regularly, perhaps sooner if you cut un-washed hair as the blades will blunt more quickly, possibly 3-4 months.  Or numerically every 750 cuts.
What is the purpose of a serrated scissor?
Serrated scissors will have one blade with “teeth” on it. The purpose of this if for gripping the material you are cutting wether it be textile or a moving dogs coarse hair.
Why do my previously sharpened knives have unsightly scratching/scoring on the side of the blade?
Unfortunately this occurs when a sharpener has used inappropriate/irregular methods and tools. These can be removed but may not be economical.
How sharp should my knife be?
This depends on use and client requirements. The more acute the cutting edge angle is the sharper the knife will be but this will dull faster also the quality of the steel used to make the knife affect durability.
How should I care for my knives?
We recommend you keep them clean and stored on a magnetic strip, in a wooden block or sheathed. Not all together in a drawer. Refrain from using on plates and worktops but use a cutting block.
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